28 April, 2023 Special Reports and Newsletters

Bloom Where You Are Planted: Jody Groenendyk, Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health

Lady holding flag imageIn 2020, Jody Groenendyk, a PHD Research Associate studying cancer at the University of Alberta, started quilting to combat the added stress of COVID isolation and to assist with her mental health. Therapy and quilting helped her achieve some balance in her life.

During this period, she discovered Blankets of Love Foundation for Mental Health. Founded in 1996 by an Edmonton area registered nurse, the organization collects colourful handmade quilts and gifts them to hospital patients experiencing mental illness. The quilts provide warmth and express love to patients who usually feel cold, lonely, and isolated.

Maple Leaf imageJody provides longarm quilting for tops that are donated, volunteers for the Board and has donated over 50 quilts. Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting, and quilt backing into a finished quilt.

Thank you, Jody, for using your wonderful gifts and talents and shining a light on this wonderful organization.


Note: the inspiration for the article, ‘Blankets of Love’ Attracts CRC Quilter, written by Janet A Greidanus, appeared in the on-line issue of The Banner April 7, 2023.