10 May, 2019 Special Reports and Newsletters

Bloom Where You are Planted: Park Lighting & Furniture, Cartwright Lighting & Furniture Charity Days

For many years, Park Lighting & Furniture, Edmonton and Cartwright Lighting & Furniture, Calgary have held four charity days per year where 100% of the sales proceeds for the day are donated to a charity of their choice. The rationale for having the charity days is to help the vulnerable and less fortunate in our local and global community. In the past year, $268,694.30 has been raised and donated in support of organizations such as Hope Mission, Rehoboth Christian Ministries and World Renew. These charity days are typically scheduled for a Saturday in October, November, January and February. Thank you to the management and staff at Park and Cartwright for making a difference and demonstrating how to build a better community.