10 May, 2017 Special Reports and Newsletters

Bloom Where You are Planted: Jerome Cupido

In 2001, Jerome Cupido was asked to be part of feasibility study between Kenyan cattle farmers and CRWRC (now World Renew) and the Northern Alberta Diaconal Conference (NADC). This study’s goal was to come alongside projects underway by providing additional resources such as equipment, training, or transportation.

While in Kenya, Jerome made a connection with Jeremiah, Project Manager of the Massia Rural Training Centre. Together, they identified a need to minimize the losses of moisture in feed so that when the droughts came, feed would still be available. Jerome made a commitment to come up with a solution. In January 2017, Jerome delivered a hand baler that he designed and manufactured that can be maintained by locally available parts and fuel. With a regular baler, there is complexity in tying and knotting the bale making it difficult to service and maintain in a third world country. The delivered baler is loaded by hand and bales are hand tied. The baler can be pushed, pulled, or dragged by people or donkeys and has a capacity to make 12 bales an hour. When using the hand baler during baling season, Jeremiah can make up to $36 an hour - a substantial increase from his off season income of $2 per day.

What’s next for Jerome? Reducing the cost of the balers, and then assembling, and distributing them from Canada. He hopes to collaborate with a charitable organization that can identify and distribute to farmers who can make use of the baler.

For more information check out the You Tube link:https://youtu.be/8PLoli2ndSY